–a music- and image-rich celebration of the collective unconscious

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“Rise, my soul and stretch your wings. I don’t expect to stay much longer here” 

RISE is a poetic, image-rich and musical dance-theatre performance with 13 performers/dancers/musicians.

The show is staged as a surreal and comic prayer meeting, a ritual with a purpose – to break free from the shackles of this earth, to ascend and to fly - or at least be momentarily uplifted.  

RISE is a beautiful, deranged and absurd celebration, a homage to the work of C.G Jung and to everything that we do not understand.

RISE combines eulogy with line-dance in a landscape of inexplicable dream-images and other-worldly back-projections conjured forth from the forgotten corners of the unconscious. All led by full-on stomping traditional American "Shape Note" singing and driving, original live music. 

RISE premiered in Dansehallerne in Copenhagen in spring 2014, creating a stir with its unique form and image language. The cast included people from all walks of life, with an age range of 60 years - large and small, high and low, young and old. The youngest performer was 17 and the oldest 79.

RISE - International Initative

Starting in season 2015-16, Livingstones Kabinet are planning to tour this piece internationally in two formats.

In one format the show will simply tour as it exists, with the existing cast, choir and musicians.

In the alternative format, the director, composer and choreographer from RISE will travel out 3 weeks in advance. They will hold workshops and rehearsals with singers and musicians drawn from the communities we visit. For the final pre-production period and run, these performers will be joined by a group of core-performers from the original cast.   

Press Quotes

"A thrilling and interesting experience.
Recommended. I was moved...or rather blown away...I couldn't stop smiling.
Go in and see it with an open mind." 
Kulturkongen-blog (DK)

LIVINGSTONES KABINET are veterans in the art of looking at reality from a skewed, surreal angle, an ability for which they have recently been rewarded in the form of a special prize from the Foundation for the Arts.

The beauty of Rise lies precisely in the contrast between the robust, everyday doughtiness of this flock of characters and their diffuse, metaphysical goal.
A diverse and motley crew of 13 people appear – an old man with graceful hands, an ample lady with a full-bodied voice, the house's practically minded, waistcoated handyman – all with the common purpose of undergoing a ritual. This they do with tightly choreographed and harmonious precision.
There's an almost Robert-Wilson-like magic over these clear-cut tableaux, the streamlined anticipation of those gathered together holding watch or in procession with propellor heads, arms like gliders, some blowing cherub-like on brass instruments as if to herald a future which, with typical Livingstones Kabinet humour, may or may not arrive.

And so Rise has us in the palm of its hand, when the seated choir swaying on their red stools sing"fa-sol-la" and "heyhoo" as their arms flail like paddle steamers, legs stamping.
Their energy takes flight, and out among the audience it's all we can do to keep our own limbs still.
Politiken (DK) 

All in all RISE is a funny, musical and thought-provoking show.

A celebration of both polyphony and fellowship.
Berlingske Tidende (DK)


Director: Nina Kareis
Choreographer: Adelaide Bentzon
Set/costume Designer: Julie Forchhammer
Composer: Pete Livingstone
Dramaturg: Christine Fentz
Sound designer: Erik Christoffersen
Lighting designer: Mikkel Jensen
Performers: Kristina Ougaard Sørensen, Ole Håndsbæk Christensen, Sigrid Husjord, Svend Bunch, Pete Livingstone8 singers (men, women, young, old)